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Founded in 2001, HiTek Solutions, LLC is a Norwalk, Ct. based company that specializes in support of Industry with regard to machine control repair to sophisticated automation and system integration applications


Machine Control Troubleshooting

In-field service to repair inoperable machine controls or peripheral devices (Electrical/Electronic) - product assembly machines, process control, machine tools both conventional and CNC HiTek Solutions, LLC is just a phone call away from helping you get back on line with a minimum of downtime and expensive repair costs. Experience in a myriad of different industries Web Products, Plastics, Chemical, Machine Shops, Textiles, Defense, Medical, Electronics and many more. 24 hours a day -7 days a week

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Programmable Logic Controller Service

Troubleshooting PLC related problems, programming service or new installations, HiTek Solutions, LLC can make changes to your existing PLC program, add devices, or engineer an entirely new PLC application. Our experience: Automation Direct, Allen Bradley (Rockwell), GE-Fanuc, Siemens, Mitsubishi and others...

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PC to Machine

Using Open Architecture programming languages like Visual Basic HiTek Solutions, LLC can create fully automated applications that will not only control your machine or process through custom HMI's but additionally collect data from critical devices on your machine or process. We can then save your data to files, spread sheets or databases and integrate your collected data automatically into required SPC functions.

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Machine Vision Service

Using the latest developments in machine vision HiTek Solutions, LLC can set up machine vision for part orientation, part gauging, OCR, part or feature present applications

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Motion Control Service

HiTek Solutions, LLC can set up motion applications with steppers or servo's with a myriad of feedback devices. We work with equipment manufactured by OES, Galil Motion Control, GE-Fanuc, Baldor, Copley Motion Controls, Rockwell International and many more.

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System Integration

Using a combination of PLC, Motion Controller, Machine Vision, Robotics and various sensors HiTek Solutions, LLC can provide a complete solution for your assembly or process machinery

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Automation Engineering

HiTek Solutions, LLC can automate your process in almost limitless ways, minimize labor intensity, collect any information from the process, use the information to structure reporting in any way you need to have it - all at the click of a mouse, or touching a command button on a touch-screen application

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Custom Software Service

Have gauges on your process that you need to communicate with? Have information collection needs? Need an automated SPC system? Want to send plant floor data from your process to the office spread sheet or database? Need an HMI to interface your existing controls? Using Open Languages such as Visual Basic with sub-components consisting of Dll's, API's, ActiveX, and COM we can create robust application where the sky becomes the limit from simple control to the most exotic of integrated automation projects containing motion, vision, PLC's and PC's.

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HiTek Solutions, LLC
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Ph: 203-980-8698
Fax: 203-286-2459
E-Mail: techs@hiteksol.com
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